Sunday, February 14, 2010


this weekend i was supposed to be in MD with some girlfriends. one of their outings was a visit to volt in frederick maryland. volt is the restaurant of bryan voltaggio, one of the participants on this past season of top chef. his brother, michael, won top chef.

anyways, my friends sent me photos of the food as they came out in real time. i can't post them all, but here's one of the pork loin with cauliflower puree. i asked them about the food, and they said it was excellent. the service was impeccable. everything looked beautiful. they have an open kitchen, but you don't hear any clanging. they said it's very calm and peaceful in his kitchen.

the waitress knew that they were all top chef fans as they oooed and ahhed over their food. as they were about to leave, the waitress comes out and stop them to see if they want to say hello to bryan voltaggio. so they went back and got to take a photo with him! i scolded them for not asking in the first person. they said he was so nice and cuter in person!

thanks, ladies, for sharing the experience with me. i will have to try to go myself. hm.. maybe i'll go to the langham hotel (which is in pasadena) and see how his brother fares in the kitchen! the langham is much closer than frederick, md. who wants to go with me?

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