Saturday, February 13, 2010

the other white meat

i've always been a fan of meat. i'm a fan of it all: beef, chicken and pork. as a korean, i am definitely a fan of pork. in korea b/c beef is so expensive, a lot of korean dishes incorporate pork into the meal.

one of my favorite pork dishes is pork bo ssam (pork wrap). it's steamed pork wrapped in steamed napa cabbage with pickled turnip and salty shrimp. you can add other things as well.

where can you get the best bo ssam? kobawoo house in korea town. my friend introduced me to this place recently, and it's been awhile since we've been there so tonight, it was a kobawoo night!

and we brought four new friends to experience bo ssam. after the plate came out, i took a piece of steamed napa cabbage, and i laid it on flat on my plate. then i added a piece of sliced steamed pork. after i topped it with the pickled turnip. i grabbed it between my chopsticks, and i had my first bite. oh.. the pork is so flavorful and juicy. how do they keep the pork so juicy? the pork is so good you can eat it alone. (yes, that is a layer of fat, but it's not oily and greasy like fat on bacon. trust me. it's good.)

our four other friends totally enjoyed it! for three of them it was their first time having anything like this before.

why did i stay away so long? i need to go back more often and savor the taste of the other white meat.

but the best bo ssam is the one made by family. my aunt makes really good bo ssam. the next time i'm home, i need to ask her how she makes it. maybe i can even watch her prepare it. when i learn, a recipe will be posted.

more photos from kobawoo house on facebook.

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