Tuesday, February 9, 2010

banh mi!!

when i used to live in new jersey, my friend introduced me to banh mi, vietnamese sandwiches. we found a great place who makes the best banh mi sandwiches.

banh mi is a sandwich made on a fresh french baguette. the sandwich contains cilantro, jalapeno, cucumber, pickled carrots and radish and some kind of meat. my favorite is bbq pork. i've even seen egg as the "meat". make a great breakfast sandwich.

what i love is how the bread crunches in your mouth as you take a bite. in the past i was fan of lee's sandwiches, but the bread would always cut up the roof of my mouth. then our friend introduced us to saigon bakery which still has the flaky bread, but the bread is so soft inside!

if you can't find a vietnamese bakery, you can make your own! just get some skinny fresh french bread, get some meats, add cilantro, jalapeno, pickled carrots and radish (don't have to add those but it does taste good) and a bit of mayo.

found this recipe on foodnetwork to make your own banh mi if you don't have a vietnamese bakery near you. the recipe for the pickled carrots and radish looks good. don't know about everything else.

the key is fresh french bread!

and the best part.. the price! only $2.25!!

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  1. your banh mi looks great..and you're right, it is easy to make it on your own!