Sunday, February 14, 2010

korean desserts

after enjoying our pork meal, we went to a korean cafe for ee cha (2nd meal) at cafe galleria in the galleria mall in koreatown.

i introduced two new friends to fruit bing su, a korean dessert. it's shaved ice covered with fruit syrup, mochi (sweet rice), sweetened red beans and fresh fruit.

i could sense my friend's hesitation when i said the words, "red beans." she replied, "i'm thinking of kidney beans.

i said, "trust me, kara. try it. you'll like it."

she scooped one spoonful of the fruit bing su, and she was pleasantly surprised. she couldn't imagine sweet beans. fruit bing su is such a refreshing dessert. it's not overly sweet, but naturally sweet. and you don't feel completely full after finishing it off.

plus, we always share it. you can get fruit bing su at almost any korean cafe. but it's also really easy to eat at home. just need something to make shaved ice. crushed ice is too big. then get some condensed milk, little mochi (found at korean grocery store), sweetened red bean (also found at the korean/asian grocery store) and fresh fruit.

place the shaved ice at the bottom, then add your fruit toppings along with the red bean. pour on some condensed milk, and you're done! and you can feel creative with toppings. try gummy bears, whatever you want.

i just like the fruit and mochi. i'm happy with that.

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