Wednesday, February 17, 2010

korean tonight

my roommate's family is visiting from bolivia, philadelphia and taiwan. they are a very international family. :) last week she says to me, "so... i was wondering.. if you.. could make korean food for my family when they visit?"

i smiled and replied, "of course!"
she then had a big smile.

hey.. if you have a roommate who can cook, why not ask her to cook? also, i do love to cook.
so what's the menu?
kimchi chigae (kimchi soup)
shrimp pa jun (korean pancakes)
green beans with oyster sauce and garlic (something a little chinese)
(sorry, no photos. i was too busy cooking. and i can't really post a recipe for them b/c korean food doesn't really follow recipes. you just watch and learn. if you really want to learn, youtube "korean cooking". there's this korean lady who i hear is awesome on youtube.)

her sister was my sous chef, helping me prepare the ingredients. (i need to get me one of those...) she enjoyed watching me cook.

as i was chopping an onion, she said to me, "i can tell you can cook. "
i ask her, "why?"
she said, "you know how to cut an onion."
i told her, "i've cut many onions."

everyone enjoyed everything. they loved the kimchi chigae. kimchi is such a love/hate relationship with people. but they enjoyed it all. it made me so happy to see them eat so much and enjoy it all.

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