Wednesday, February 17, 2010

pasadena fish market

i went to lunch with two friends, and we tried out this new place, pasadena fish market on orange grove blvd. it's definitely more of a whole in the wall kinda place, but those kinds of places are such hidden gems.

their motto is "u-buy, we fry."

and that's exactly what you do. you pick your fish, and they fry it up. i chose the filet of sole with a side of hush puppies and cole slaw. the cole slaw was so fresh! and c'mon.. can fried food really be bad? the fish was very light, and it was nicely coated with a light bread crumb seasoned with salt and pepper. not too much.

my lunch platter was $5.50. not bad for fresh fish, fried on the spot.

definitely want to come back to this place.

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