Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy chines new year

happy chinese new year! this year is my year, the year of the golden dragon. how is that different from a regular dragon? i don't really know. i don't really celebrate chinese new year b/c well, i'm not chinese. i did go eat dim sum yesterday to show my support of chinese new year. the parking lot was packed! i had never seen the parking lot so packed. i realized later on it's b/c everyone was grocery shopping for chinese new year. it was crazy.

i wanted to post some photos of these chinese cookies that my friend makes every year for chinese new year.

they look like mini wonton cookies! the filling is chopped peanuts and sugar. they look so yummy! she makes these with her boys. i like how they create their own version.

i told her the next time i'm home, i want to learn how to make them. they're so cute and they look so good!

happy chinese new year, everyone!

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