Saturday, October 22, 2011

primrose cupcakes

while perusing the bookstore, i found a cupcake cookbook and discovered that they had a bakery in london. so recently on a trip into london, i decided to stop by primrose bakery to try their cupcakes.

they had an assortment of flavors so it was pretty hard to choose. i asked the girl behind the counter which flavor was the most popular. she said chocolate and vanilla, but i felt those flavors were too common to try so i decided on carrot cake and banana chocolate.

unfortunately there was no room at the bakery to sit and enjoy the cupcakes so i had to walk through the streets of london to find another cafe which wasn't too hard to find. hopefully they won't see me eating a pastry from another establishment.

the carrot cake cupcake had raisins inside the cake, and the frosting was a cream cheese frosting with orange zest. it was pretty moist as well. i didn't want to feel like a glutton so i saved the other cupcake for later. the banana chocolate was sadly not very moist as the carrot cake cupcake. but i enjoyed the banana flavor in the cake. maybe i should have taken the girl's recommendation and gone with the chocolate or vanilla.

maybe i'll have to stop by there again on another trip into london.

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