Tuesday, October 11, 2011

chips or crisps

here in the UK, potato chips are known as crisps. occasionally i still stay chips which here in the UK means fries. as i was shopping the other day, i saw these crisps on sale for a pound. i was intrigued by the flavor, tandoori chicken with indian spices. hm.. could this be any good?

the crisps actually do taste for indian. very nice blend of spices overall. in the states i don't think we have anything like this. i guess living in a country that has a lot of indians/pakistanis allows companies to be a bit creative with their flavors.

my question is how do you pronounce this name in the UK? is it fil-LAY- us? or FIL- aye-us?

my favorite crisps are walkers smoky bacon because it really does taste like bacon! and who doesn't love bacon?

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  1. Just to confuse you, all fries are chips, but not all chips are fries!! French fries are the thin chips like in McDonalds... but chips are more the thick ones like you get at the chippy.
    Just a little more British education for you!!

    Fill-e-us...the "e" is long sounding...like in the word evil