Thursday, March 11, 2010

pappa rich in the US!

yesterday i spent 3 hours sitting in a chair while getting a root canal. i was in pain all last night. this morning i still had a dull pain. but something deliciously good took my pain away. what is this delicious goodness? pappa rich buns. OMG...

they are hollow sweet bread with melted butter in the center. the outside is coated in this mocha maple vanilla thin crust. excuse my lack of words, but this is the best i can do to describe them. trust me. they are good. correction... awesome!

i first had these buns in thailand this past summer. they call them mr. bun there. i smelled this sweetness as i descended down the escalator. my nose followed the smell to mr. bun. then i had them in korea (they came them pappa roti over there). when i returned home, i searched for these buns, but alas, there were nowhere to be found. i even wondered if i could bake them myself b/c i craved them so much.

well, now i discovered they are in old town pasadena! my friend had told me they opened a store nearby. i happened to be down there this afternoon on an errand, and then i saw "pappa rich". i immediately parked and walked in. they told me that fresh ones were coming out of the oven in 15 minutes. i told them, "i'll wait." i went back outside and fed my parking meter.

when it was done, i said, "i'll have one for here."

i broke off a piece. i could smell the vanilla maple flavor. ooh...i popped it in my mouth. if i could squeal, i would have squealed right then and there. just like i remembered. i squealed inside. :)

somehow my pain disappeared. what pain? what root canal? all i thought of was the delicious sweet buttery goodness of those pappa rich buns.

i went back to the counter and bought three more to go. i couldn't leave without taking some home. they said i could reheat in the toaster oven so i'll see if it tastes just as good. i'm so ecstatic to find that they have come to america and right in my neighborhood! i told them that i'll definitely be back again and again. i've already become a fan on facebook. as soon as i post this, i'll post photos on facebook in my food diary album.

even as i write this post, i can smell the vanilla maple flavor, and i resist every temptation to eat another one. must wait...

you know sometimes people hype things up, and it doesn't live up to the hype? not this. and if you disagree about the goodness of these buns, well, that's your opinion and you are entitled to your opinion. but i don't think you'll be disappointed if you have a pappa rich bun.

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