Monday, March 1, 2010

boiling crab

i'm up in the bay area staying at my cousin's place. there is a boiling crab restaurant right by her house! i wrote on facebook about boiling crab a long time ago, and then they opened up one in san jose (they are based in LA but have locations texas too!). now, my cousin and her family go all the time. if it's crowded and you live close by, don't wait in line. just get it to go, and enjoy it at home. it's just as good! ask for paper for the table and extra bibs. even though i introduced my cousin to boiling crab, she introduced me to crawfish. i always go for the crab legs or shrimp. but oh.. those crawfish! who knew crawfish could be so good? we ordered the crawfish with the whole sha-bang seasoning, medium spicy level with corn and sausage.

i like to break the crawfish in half, and suck on the head to get all the delicious spicy juices out. then i split the lower body and eat the meat. it was so spicy i could feel the burning in my mouth and on my lips. you know when it's hot when you're constantly sniffling, breathing through your mouth, but yet you can't stop b/c it's so good. i fought through the spicyness and ate 24 crawfish.

one tip i learned from my cousin. when they bring your food, it comes in a plastic bag. take home the extra sauce that's leftover. you can use it later.

so the next night, her husband reheated the sauce in a shallow pan, and added udon noodles (japanese noodles) in it. just as spicy and still very good! you can buy udon noodles at any asian grocery store.

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