Thursday, March 4, 2010

bacon good...

my friend was craving sweet potato fries so she took me to barneys in berkeley.

they have an extensive burger list from the regular burger, chicken burger, turkey burger, veggie burger, and vegetarian burgers. it took me awhile to choose, but i selected the baja burger - jack cheese, avocado & crisp bacon with their own homemade salsa.

and they didn't skimp on the bacon. usually you'll see maybe a few strips. no.. they pile on the bacon! that was one tasty burger. and the sweet potato fries went so well with the burger. they serve them with their homemade ranch dressing.

we also ordered a thai chicken salad. i enjoyed the salad, but the chicken was a bit overcooked. hence, no picture of the salad. wasn't worth it to take a photo. i think they should stick with the burger. that was excellent. the price was very reasonable from $6.95-$8.95 i think.

i'm glad to know that they have locations in LA. i'd like to go back and try one of their other burgers like their portobello mushroom burger.

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