Wednesday, January 20, 2010

socal fruit trees

one of the many advantages of living in southern california is the plethora of fruits. what could be better? when they grow in your backyard!

last summer, my white nectarine tree bloomed with delicious fruits! i found a recipe for peach muffins, and i substituted nectarines for peaches. i had so many i started to freeze the nectarines to save for yummy smoothies later.

now as winter has come, i have oranges! my orange tree is blooming with delicious sweet and slightly tart but juicy oranges! when i break off the stem, i can smell the citrus scent in the air.

i found out that in korea one orange can cost over a dollar!

i've been just enjoying them by slicing them up with my breakfast. i haven't done any research on what you can do with oranges. but i gotta take advantage of them.

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