Sunday, January 17, 2010

deliciously cheap dumplings

after spending a day out climbing, you definitely build up an appetite. so where do you go? my friends and i were in the mood for dumplings. our first choice, luscious dumplings, was going to close too early. usually for soup dumplings, i like to go to din tai fung which is across the street. however, the wait there is always unbearable, and their prices are on the higher end. so by using, my friends and i decided to try dumpling house in arcadia.

we arrived at 8pm, and there was no wait which was great b/c we were starving. right away we perused the menu and ordered:
chive pancaked with sliced beef (pictured above)
hot and sour soup
chive, egg, shrimp dumpling
pork & cabbage dumpling
vegetable dumpling
pan fried pork dumplings
pork soup dumplings
chicken fried rice
broccoli with garlic

the food came out pretty quickly one by one as it was ready. we were starving so we pretty much scarfed the food down. hence i didn't get to take too many photos of the food. however, we did enjoy everything. the dumplings were all a very good size and tasty too. however, i was disappointed with the pork soup dumpling. it didn't have the "soup" like din tai fung. so no juice came out. very sad.

for seven people our bill total came out to about $70 with tax and tip which divided up to $10 per person!!! what a steal!

i couldn't believe our meal was so cheap. if we had ordered all this food at din tai fung our total would have probably been about $25 /person at least.

so.. if you want soup dumplings, go to din tai fung. however, if you're just in the mood for good dumplings, check out dumpling house. great delicious dumplings for a great price!

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