Friday, January 29, 2010

ny style pizza

living in california provides all kinds food delicious amazing food. however, one food i miss is ny style thin pizza. so i'm always searching for places that make ny style pizza. one place i found is big mama's and papa's in pasadena on colorado blvd. they are famous for the 36" pizza! you can get one slice for $3.99. i took a photo with my hand next to it so it gives you an idea of the size of one slice.

recently, i returned to mama's and papa's, and i will say that i was a bit disappointed. the crust was too bready. it wasn't really nice and thin.

that's okay, b/c there's another pizza place in pasadena called nonna's pizzeria. i found this place through in my search for ny style pizza. now, this reminds me of real pizza. you have to fold it in half to enjoy a bite. also, you can see the cheese oozing off the side. now, that's what i call, "pizza!"

hm.. now i'm in the mood for pizza. go figure.

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