Tuesday, January 5, 2010

camping gourmet style

i love going camping! this year i spent my new year's out in joshua tree. it's great to get away from all the traffic (rose bowl stuff) and be one with nature. of course when i go camping, we eat well.

jean and i planned the menu for the weekend. we prep (clean, chop and bag) everything beforehand so that when we arrive, jean just puts it all together. it saves a lot of time when you're out camping.

our first dinner we had beef sukiyaki with napa cabbage, onions, green onions, tofu and enoki mushrooms. this was a great meal to enjoy b/c of the cold temperatures. i think i had three servings. i was stuffed afterwards.

of course new year's isn't new year's without duk gook which is rice cake soup. this is a traditional soup that is eaten on new year's day. jean prepared it with ground beef, green onions, egg, and seaweed. it may not sound so appetizing, but i love having duk gook on new year's. it reminds me of being with my family even though they are 3000 miles away.

our last night jean made taco soup. it was a hit! we actually had so much we offered it to many of our camp mates. in the taco soup, she put in ground beef, pinto beans, green chilies, corn, diced tomatoes and taco seasoning. i made some cornbread beforehand that we warmed up on the campfire grill. the soup is topped with shredded cheese, sour cream and cilantro! muy delicioso! the corn bread was great with the warm taco soup. i'll have to ask jean for the recipe so i can post it. so easy!

jean, as always, we ate well! thanks!
huge props to the chef!

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