Saturday, January 16, 2010

girls can grill!

who said only guys know how to grill?

i went up to big bear for a few days to take some time to reflect about 2010. i invited my friend, jean, to come with me.

as always, we wondered about our menu for the weekend. our first night we enjoyed a nice ribeye steak seasoned with crushed garlic and montreal seasoning acccompanied by grilled asparagus, mushrooms and onions. the place we stayed had a grill available. i love grills! i cooked the steak medium rare with just a bit of pinkness. the steak was still so nice and juicy. i lost some onions on the grill but managed to salvage enough for our meal. anybody have tips on keeping onions from falling through the grill?

what do you do with leftover steak and grilled vegetables the next morning? make it into a hearty omelette scramble! it was a perfect way to use the extra steak and grilled veggies. too bad we didn't have any cheese for the omelette scramble. however, even without the cheese, the scramble was delicious!

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