Thursday, December 10, 2009

my first taste of LA

on the way back from the airport, i had a restaurant already picked out. porto's, a great cuban bakery located in glendale.

i ordered two potato balls and half a dozen cheese rolls to go.

the potato balls are deep fried meat fillings surrounded by a layer of mashed potato. and you gotta have it with some tapatio hot sauce!

oh, and the cheese rolls. so light and flaky. the cheese has just the right amount of sweetness. not too heavy. and they're sprinkled with a little bit of sugar on top.

for anyone looking for a birthday cake, wedding cake, porto's is the place! i've had their cakes at both events. i even requested my birthday cake to be from porto's bakery one year. their cakes are absolutely my favorite in southern california. even after a few days my birthday cake (chocolate cake with raspberry filling) was still moist!

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