Monday, December 7, 2009

can airplane food actually be good?

the reputation of airplane food is pretty bad. you only get food on international food now.

this past trip i flew to india on lufthansa, a german based airline. the other dishes i won't really comment about b/c honestly nothing to comment, but i had to post about this delightful treat.

the flight attendant asked me, "would you like a vegetarian pizza or bavarian hot dog?"

i responded, "a bavarian what?"
she replied, "a bavarian hot dog."

this sounded interesting. what is a bavarian hot dog?

a bavarian hot dog (by lufthansa) is bratwust surrounded by bread which has the same texture as a pretzel dotted with sesame seeds.

the initial shape was oblong and rectangular. after taking one bite, i was so happy! this is airplane food? are you kidding me?

in my first bite, i had a bit of the pretzel, bratwurst and mustard in the center. the pretzel outside was so soft and chewy. the bratwurst inside was delicious!

i may not choose lufthansa as the best airline to fly, but i give them kudos for the bavarian hot dog.

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