Thursday, December 24, 2009

lemon meltaways

i was at someone's home, and they made these delicious lemon meltaway cookies! she said i could find a recipe online. so i searched on and i found this recipe for lemon meltaways.

i did make a few adjustments. i added more lemon juice in the cookie batter as well as the icing. i wanted to give it more of a lemon kick! you can probably add more lemon juice if you want more tartness. also, watch the baking time. i had to bake them for at least 14 minutes to get the bottoms slightly brown. it might have been b/c i had the dough refrigerated overnight. if i had refrigerated them for only 2 hours, then it might not have taken so long to bake.

they turned out pretty well! and they make great gifts during the holiday season.

i put some in a cellophane bag, tied it with a ribbon, and added a christmas tag (stamped of course my yours truly).

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