Monday, December 14, 2009

lesson learned

last night, my friends and i were at the climbing gym out in thousand oaks. instead of driving back home, we decided to try and grab dinner at a thai restaurant nearby. so we asked the owner if there was a good thai place nearby.

he told us there was one in walking distance and it was really good!

so we headed over to the restaurant.
okay, our first clue. a white guy was telling us about a good thai restaurant.
clue number 2:we were the only asians eating at the restaurant.

the prices were high, and the food was mediocre.
but then again, we were in thousand oaks were it's predominantly white, and this complex is a high rent area.

it was so dark in the restaurant i couldn't see my food. yeah, i won't be posting pictures of the food because really, nothing to brag about.

why am i posting about this? a lesson learned.

1. don't ask a white guy for a recommendation on a good asian restaurant.
2. check out the patrons. if you're the only asian person in the restaurant, it's probably not all that (unless you know he/she is a total foodie).
3. if it's dark, is there a reason why they don't want you to see the food?

we should have gone to president thai or somewhere else. it would have tasted better and cheaper too.

lesson learned.

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  1. you should see my note about a thai restaurant i went to in studio city once. sounds about the same.