Tuesday, December 8, 2009

little bites of goodness

today i met my friend, vicki, for lunch. she introduced me to this little deli in south jersey called short hills deli. i love going there b/c they have the best whitefish salad. i had never heard of whitefish salad until vicki introduced me to it.

what is whitefish salad?

whitefish salad is a jewish cuisine. it is generally made of white fish like cod, haddock, pollack and others. i love it and definitely crave it sometimes. the whitefish salad at short hills deli has a great smoky taste, not too salty, and tastes great on top of a bagel with cream cheese! the bagels at short hills deli are so nice and airy. i like that. not too dense. i enjoyed my whitefish salad on a toasted everything bagel. as i took a bite into my bagel, a soft crunch echoed in my mouth. i enjoyed the flavor of the smoked fish along with the cream cheese. oh, so good!

the best place to get whitefish salad is at your local kosher deli. they should have a good whitefish salad. i always go to the kosher section to get some whitefish salad. i wonder what the deli owner thinks when he sees a korean girl asking for whitefish salad? :) they make it the best!

we also shared their hot pastrami sandwich. they make their slices nice and thick. not too salty. however, i was so stuffed from the whitefish salad bagel, that i couldn't finish my pastrami sandwich.

whitefish salad, great bagels, these are the little bites of goodness that i love about my hometown.

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