Friday, May 21, 2010

triscuits and tuna

when you're backpacking, it's a bit hard to have good hearty meals, but i managed to fancy up my dinner on our first night of backpacking in the grand canyon.

we stopped by wal-mart on the way. as i perused the aisles, i wondered, "hm... what can i have for dinner?" then i walked into the tuna aisle, and i found tuna creations from starkist. so i picked up the hickory smoked tuna. i continued down the aisle and came across the cracker section. my eyes immediately found the triscuits with fire roasted tomato and olive oil as well as roasted garlic flavor.

it's not a fancy meal, but it totally hit the spot.

sometimes food is elaborate, but it's the simplicity that can make me happy.

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