Wednesday, May 5, 2010


i can easily be swayed by my cravings. recently i've been watching old episodes of no reservations with anthony bourdain. in this one episode he focused on the boroughs of new york, queens, brooklyn, bronx, staten island and manhattan.

in the segment on queens, he and the korean chef, david chang, owner of momofuku, enjoyed spicy seafood stew at a korean hole in the wall restaurant. the metal stew pot was stacked with loads of seafood.

well, after i saw this episode i've been craving this spicy seafood stew. finally, i satisfied my craving when my friend and i skipped going to the climbing gym and decided to head to koreatown for this spicy seafood stew. she took me to dong il jang, one of the oldest korean restaurants in ktown located on 8th street. we found out that it's been around since 1945. it's almost as old as my dad!

we ordered the spicy seafood stew for two. it wasn't as stacked with seafood like on no reservations, but it was piled with crab legs, large pieces of cod, shrimp, calamari, vegetables, noodles and tofu. you cook it at your table while enjoying it keeping it nice and hot.

there's something about sipping a spoonful of this red spicy soup. be careful as you sip your soup. you don't want it to down the wrong tube or you'll be burning.

for now, my craving is satisfied until i watch the next episode of no reservations.

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