Monday, May 24, 2010

tasty chinese

after returning from a grueling exhausting 4 day backpacking trip through the grand canyon, i was a mess the next day. i became a couch potato catching up with my tivo which faithfully recorded all of my favorite shows.

as i watched a few episodes of castle, i kept noticing the chinese take-out boxes in the show. of course then i developed a craving for chinese food!

so my roommate and i finally got our butts of the couch, and we made our way to tasty garden in arcadia. it was my first time at tasty garden. apparently, the owner used to work at garden cafe which is north of tasty garden, but then he opened up his own restaurant.

tasty garden has an extensive menu which covered the whole gammet of chinese food. we decided on the young chow friend rice, the singapore style fried noodles and the deep fried spicy salted tofu. the servings which very generous. we knew we would have leftovers.

overall, the food hit the spot! my roommate was craving rice and boba tea. i just wanted good chinese. while we were eating i did ask her if she ever craves panda express. she gave me this look, and she told me that she gags every time she thinks of panda express. it's sad that panda express has americanized their chinese food. where's the authenticity? we know that chinese moms don't serve sweet and sour chicken at home. so why offer it as chinese food? it's sad. i don't know how authentic the food is at tasty garden, but i would guess that it's more authentic than panda express.

i was hoping that our leftovers would be packaged in the chinese take out box, but instead we got foam containers. oh well, i didn't get my chinese take-out box, but i did eat some yummy chinese food!

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