Thursday, December 1, 2011

sin gluten in spain

i had an expected work trip to barcelona. sadly i wasn't able to partake in the amazing cuisine of the city because my schedule had no wiggle room outside of the exhibition i was there to attend.

after a full day of meeting with exhibitors and being on my feet in two inch heels all day, i headed back to the hotel wanting something decent to eat. i walked downstairs and turned left after leaving the hotel. i came across this cafe, la cafe creme, which was right next door. hm... what kind of cuisine do they serve? doesn't hurt to just check out their menu?

so i walked in and perused their menu. i came across something that said, "carne" (beef in spanish). can't go wrong with beef, right? so i asked for one carne item from the menu. sadly i can't remember the name of this dish. i waited patiently as the young spanish boy prepared my takeway for me.

after paying, i went back up to my hotel room. i peeled open the aluminum foil to see what this was. it reminded me of a stuffed taco filled with a mound of pulled beef. the beef was nicely marinated in a tasty sauce, not too spicy. however, what was most intriguing was the "stuffed taco". it reminded me of a pita, and i believe this "stuffed taco" was gluten free, possibly corn flour based. at that moment i remembered that on the menu it said, "sin gluten" which means without gluten. the beef was wonderfully tender. i savored each bite. now i just wish i could remember what it was called. i have a feeling that i will probably never have this again unless i return to cafe in barcelona.

so if you know, please tell me.

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