Tuesday, December 13, 2011

high cholestorol

it's a sad day when the doctor tells a foodie that she has high cholesterol. what does that mean? reduce my intake of creamy sauces, butter, fried food, cheese, red meat, cakes, pastries, chocolate, mayonnaise, shall i go on?

i don't eat those items above on a regular basis (despite what you see on this blog) so i'm a bit puzzled why my cholesterol is so high. high cholesterol doesn't run in my family either.

well... i've decided that it's too difficult to do this over the holiday season so i will probably start after the new year.

does this mean the end of this blog? i hope not. it's just another challenge. how to eat good food and stay healthy.


  1. what's the break down? i.e. HDL? LDL? Trigylcerides? that's more important.

  2. my LDL was high. normal is 2. i was 3.8
    she said my HDL was very good. that was high was well but she said it was okay to have a high HDL. so i'm supposed to stay away from foods high in saturated fats.