Saturday, July 24, 2010

katsu don!

so i'm learning more cooking from my roommate's family than my roommate, but i'm not complaining. her brother made us japanese katsu don which i've had in restaurants. he learned how to make it from a japanese cooking show while living in japan.

it's basically pork (or chicken) covered in panko crumbs that sits on top of rice. you deep fry the pork first. then you place the meat in a small skillet with a chicken brot stew made of dark chicken meat, onions, soy sauce, and some other ingredients. i need him to write it all down. the chicken stew is made in another pot. you crack an egg on top of the meat and let it cook as much as you like, and place it on top of the rice.

it was so delicious! you can see that he likes a large portion for himself. his plate was fully covered in white rice. you can't really do brown rice with this dish. it may be a healthy alternative. i must admit, i've been eating a lot more white rice since her family has been in town.

i'll have to try and make this dish myself before i leave for england.

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