Friday, July 16, 2010

chicken galbi

if you're wanting to try something different, i recommend mapo dahk galbi (chicken galbi) in koreatown on olympic blvd. (3090 w olympic blvd). the sign is in korean and the english part is very small so use your gps or google maps. also you can valet which is only $2.00. gotta love parking in ktown. also, they're only open at dinner. the service might not be the best, but when i'm in ktown, i don't go for service. i go for the food.

my friend brought me here a few years ago, and i always enjoy introducing new people to this place. the other weekend my friends were visiting from the bay area. she loves trying new kinds of food so we decided to go there.

their menu is limited so don't expect to be able to choose from a variety of food. their specialty is the chicken galbi. it's marinated spicy chicken that they fry at your table along with korean sweet potato slices, rice cake, and cabbage. then they add perilla leaves and more spicy sauce. after you've eaten most of the chicken, they make fried rice by adding rice, some chopped up kimchi as well as dried seaweed.

we were so stuffed we just took the fried rice to go. my friends were very happy with mapo chicken galbi.

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