Friday, November 11, 2011

many mandu

i usually have to shop at the korean grocery store if i want mandu, korean dumplings. while perusing the local grocery stores, i tried to find any kind of dumpling, but sadly none of the stores sell dumplins, not even the chinese kind. so the last time i was at the korean grocery store, i bought some mandu skins to try and make them at home.

last weekend, i spent my saturday afternoon making 85 mandu (korean dumplings). i guess i had a lot of skins. i used a mandu recipe from my favorite korean cooking lady, maangchi. i did skip a few ingredients like mushrooms and korean chives because i couldn't get them. also i added thin vermicelli which i had in my cupboard. i made some shaped for frying and some made for soups.

what's nice is that they freeze very nicely. just lay them out on a baking sheet but make sure they're not touching each other. after they are frozen, you can store them in a ziploc bag. i fried a few mandu and i made dukk mandu gook (rice cake dumpling soup) afterwards. yum! great for those cold nights.

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