Sunday, March 20, 2011

the perfect omelette

i had a few girlfriends visiting me from the east coast. we're all definitely foodies, so it was a challenge to find a place in england that might really "wow" them. one of them had mentioned la duree, so i decided to book a table for lunch there.

this was definitely our one fancy meal, and it was worth it. i ordered the black truffle omelette. the waiter asked me, "how would you like your omelette cooked? runny, medium, firm?" i decided to go for medium. i've never had someone ask me how i want an omelette cooked. the dish itself may not look impressive, but the omelette was cooked perfect. it was perfectly medium. not too soft and definitely not overdone. no browning at all. how do they do that? probably b/c they're french.

with the first bite, i immediately tasted the deliciousness of the black truffles. how does this little piece of fungus give such an aromatic flavor? amazing. absolutely amazing.

maybe i'll be able to return there again one day.

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