Sunday, January 23, 2011

la duree, s'il vou plait

one of my favorite desserts has to be the french macarons which i had in paris in 2004. la duree has a few locations in paris, and i discovered they also have a bakery in harrods of london.

on my back from cambridge, i stopped by harrods. it took me awhile to get to the food area, but i came upon la duree. they have a beautiful assortment of flavors including pistachio, vanilla, black currant with violet, caramel with superfine salt, chocolate, just to name a few.

i've had macarons in the states as a number of bakeries have attempted to copy the french macarons, but i must confess that the best macaron i've had is from la duree. the exterior is light and flaky. the inside is soft and tender. each bite is an amazing flurry of flavors and textures.

i may not be able to find good pho, but at least i can have french macarons here in england.

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