Sunday, January 16, 2011

in search of pho

my friend, polly, and i are in search of good pho (vietnamese rice noodle soup) here in the UK. coming from southern california, it was really easy to eat amazing pho b/c of the large vietnamese community there.

i did some research online and found mekong restaurant in the pimlico area.

for starter, we ordered their cha gio (fried spring rolls). polly did ask how many rolls we would get with one order, and we discovered one order is one roll. so we ordered two rolls. the rolls were very nice and crunchy.

we both ordered a small pho, and it was literally small. in the states, i can never finish a whole bowl of pho, but i have to remember, this is not america. so small meant really small. the first thing i did was sip a spoonful of broth. taste? eh.. not the best broth i've had. we had to ask for lemon and hot sauce, and surprisingly, they did not carry sriracha sauce. what kind of vietnamese restaurant doesn't carry sriracha suace? maybe i should bring my own. i'll be like those korean moms who bring red pepper paste sauce to seafood houses for their shrimp and lobster.

overall, we were both disappointed with the pho, and we were not satisfied.

so... the search continues.

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