Saturday, June 19, 2010

oh, fry bread!

my friend, carmen, took me to fry bread house. she said that fry bread is something that is distinctive to the phoenix area.

i ordered the fry bread with beans and beef with lettuce. for dessert we also ordered fry bread with butter, cinnamon and sugar.

so.. first the savory fry bread. the bread is light and chewy, but of course, anything that is fried tastes good. i added a bit of hot sauce to give it a kick.

the fry bread with butter, cinnamon and sugar was truly divine! we ate that first actually b/c it tastes better when it's first. you want to eat it when it's still warm. we enjoyed it so much we ordered another one for the four of us to split.

eating fry bread reminded me of my missions trip in 1997 to new mexico. that was the last time i had fry bread. it's been 13 years since my last taste of fry bread. we ate a lot of fry bread. it was good then. it's still good now.

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