Wednesday, June 16, 2010

can retreat food be good?

usually my expectations of retreat center food is pretty low after years of having mediocre food. i guess that's a good thing though. since my expectations are low, when retreat food is good, it's a wonderful surprise!

i've been at a retreat center in cornville, az for the last couple of days. this morning we were served an amish casserole, biscuits and gravy, and homemade cherry cobbler. i had to quickly eat my breakfast, and i didn't have time to finish my cobbler, but i took it to go to enjoy later. the crust is buttery and light. i enjoyed the sweetness of the cherries. overall the combination of the crust and the cherries was a delightful morning treat.

even the other day i woke up to the smell of bacon. mmm.. bacon.... :)

and the other night we had a campfire. and a campfire isn't a campfire without s'mores! i like my slightly browned.

so far i've been very impressed with the retreat center food. so we'll see what's for lunch.

i guess food in arizona food isn't so bad.

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