Friday, April 2, 2010

noodle pudding in brooklyn heights

don't be deceived by the name. when i heard the name, noodle pudding, i'm thinking something asian, but it's actually the name of an amazing italian restaurant in brooklyn heights, ny. my friend, brooklyn girl, chose this restaurant for her birthday which happens to fall on april 1.

our waiter, gabriel, was very enthusiastic to share with us the specials for the day. everything was amazing, fantastic, etc. he told us about the specials for the night. then for a moment he leaned over to the kitchen. he insisted on brooklyn girl trying the wild boar rib with roasted potatoes (which she ordered). i ordered the the rockfish with mussels, clams and shrimp in a white wine sauce. i wasn't too sure about the rockfish, but gabriel insisted that it would be amazing.

and the rockfish was delicious! the sauce was nice and light, not too heavy and creamy. all the seafood was very fresh and tender. also, i dipped bread into the sauce soaking up as much as possible. delicious! i had about 1/4 of my meal left on my plate. when gabriel saw my plate, he gave me a disappointing look. he told me that if i take this plate back, the chef will ask, "who's plate is this? why didn't the guest finish it? i must find out!" pressured, i attempted to finish as much as possible. however, in the end, i couldn't finish it all. not b/c it wasn't good, but b/c i just didn't have any more room to eat.

at one point as he was taking orders from a table nearby, he looked over at me and asked me, "tell this guy what you think about the rockfish." i gave him a two thumbs up with a smile. i'm pretty sure he ordered the rockfish, and i definitely know he was very satisfied with his choice.

i loved the atmosphere of the restaurant. we found out it's family owned, and everyone who works there has known each for years. we thanked gabriel for his service. so if you go to noodle pudding, ask for gabriel. he'll make sure you enjoy your meal and the whole experience!

i wish i knew why they named their restaurant noodle pudding. brooklyn girl told me, but i forgot.

either way, it's an excellent italian restaurant that i hope to visit again one day.

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  1. LOL. I have already forgotten the story behind their name too. And the gnocchi with butter and sage was also melt in your mouth! And don't forget their very reasonably priced wine list. :-)