Thursday, April 1, 2010

crack pie??

as i planned for my time in nyc, i also like to map where i'll be eating. one of my stops was momofuku milk bar. i heard about crack pie first on regis and kelly when anderson cooper would guest host. he would talk about this crack pie. he loved it so much that he would send it to friends and family. he was a crack pie pusher. but i guess if you're anderson cooper you can afford to spend $44 on one pie. yes, one 10 inch pie is $44. who charges that for something that doesn't look even that impressive? they bake it in an ordinary pie tin that is disposable after one use.

well, i couldn't get myself to buy a whole pie, but i did buy two slices of crack pie. one to try right then and there, and one to take back to my friend. i took one bite and savored the flavor. i tasted buttery caramel goodness that initially was sweet but somehow the sweetness dissipates. b/c the flavors were so new, i had to have another bite. and another. and another. the next thing you know... it's gone.

momofuku describes their crack pie as "toasted oat crust, gooey butter filling".

of course i don't think they put crack in their pie, but you definitely want to go back for more. after tasting it, i would now probably pay $44 to buy a pie to share with my friends. i would feel too gluttonous to eat it all by myself. i could definitely finish a slice by myself. no problem there.

i did get to enjoy it again with my friend the next day with a cup of black coffee. it goes deliciously well with nice cup of joe.

if you're really desperate for crack pie but are unable to get to nyc, they can fedex a pie to you.

on my next visit to nyc, i will most likely return to momofuku milk bar for a slice of crack pie. it's addicting. the name is befitting. scary but true.

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