Saturday, August 20, 2011

a foodie's day in barcelona

one of the places we had to visit in barcelona was la boqueria, the famous indoor market for fresh fruit, meats, etc. the metro stopped right at the entrance of la boqueria. it's pretty huge so we just started walking from one side. most of the vendors sell similar things. they sell either fruits, fruit juices, eggs, meats, hams, and then some stalls are eating places.

because we didn't have breakfast, we decided to eat at el quim de la boqueria. we weren't sure what to order so we just asked the server what he recommends. he told us to get the two fried eggs with baby squid and the cod with vegetables. both were fantastic. the squid was so fresh. the cod just fell apart but it was still moist.

as we continued to eat, a gentleman came out and started talking to us. later on we found out that he was the owner of the restaurant, Quim, short for Joaquin pronounced like "Kim". i asked him (through my friend) why the hams are so expensive? he explained that they are fed acorns so because it's expensive to feed them, the ham is expensive. then he made us a little sample of the ham on top of toasted baguette with a layer of tomato puree. delicious!

i asked him where we can get churros, and he offered to take us to a place he goes nearby. so we followed him through the streets of barcelona to his favorite churro place. unfortunately it was closed so we went to his second favorite place.

i love days like this when you experience something you didn't imagine!

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