Saturday, August 28, 2010

the hidden gem of altadena

ely took me to this gelato place, bulgarini gelato, in altadena. it's in this ghetto shopping center with rite-aid and kragens auto parts. you would never know it's there unless someone takes you.

ely found out about this place, through her friend, evelyn. ely raved about it! so we finally had a chance to go the other night. it was especially nice to enjoy gelato while we've been experiencing a major heat wave in pasadena.

first i tried a sample of their yogurt gelato. when they give you a sample they dip it in a bit of olive oil. it reminded me of cheesecake. it was a unique taste, and it was very different.

then i sampled everything from pear, yellow peach, pistachio (one of my favorites), almond, etc. in the end ely and i split a pear, almond and cream custard.

i loved how when i tasted the pear, i could taste the gritty texture like an actual pear. it's not overly sweet or overly creamy. it tasted like the actual flavor.

well, i ended up returning the next day bringing my friends, kevin and jesse. i wanted to treat kevin to this amazing delight before he left california. i found out it was his first time having gelato. kevin sampled almost everything. we decided on banana, almond and cream custard.

i plan to return a few more times to bulgarini, the hidden gem of altadena, before i leave california.

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